1 SEWN  2 FENCE  3 NEEDLES  4 o. T.  5 o. T  6 CORONAAPFEL  7 o. T.  8 BOUND  9 & 10 CORONAAPFEL in Bunch of Kunst in Quarantine // Paradox Paradise


“In March 2020, while being confined to her flat, without access to her studio space, Bettina Funke started to use apples as an easily accessible, transportable and sensual working material. In a time of many restrictions, the reclaimed domestic object uncovered a sensitive artistic perception and also became  the symbol for artistic freedom. Bearing visual similarities to the structure of the Corona-Virus, her work evokes a strange bodily reaction and association. Translated from actual to virtual space, her floating and multiplied corona apples take on a monumental form that encapsulates both a moment of threat and a creative change. It is through this simple artistic intervention, that Bettina Funke offers a playful and yet poignant reflection on some fundamental subjects underpinning this time: the forceful demarcations between countries and people, the painful experiences of sudden loss, and the world’s radical transformation.” 

Worktext from The Exhibition Bunch of Kunst in Quarantaine // Paradox Paradise by Mara-Johanna Kölmel and Tina Sauerländer